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Who we are

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F/V Ham Samich

The Ham Samich is a 30' Kingfisher 3025. This boat was made for sport fishing!  It boasts a large fishing deck, multiple fish holds, electric down-riggers, up to date electronics, and well maintained fishing gear. The interior includes a spacious heated cabin, with seating for six, a clean onboard restroom and a hot/cold water sink. This vessel provides comfort and spaciousness while being fully capable and functional for your fishing experience.


Meet your Captain

Captain Josh

Captain Josh is the co-owner and full-time captain of the Ham Samich for Alaskan OutCast Adventures.  He is a US Coast Guard certified captain, holds a 6-pack charter fishing license and is a certified fresh and saltwater guide for the State of Alaska.

20 years ago, the Coast Guard landed Josh on Kodiak Island, Alaska and he hasn't ever looked back.  Having grown up on the east coast, he has hunted and fished the forests and waters from a young age. Once he arrived in Kodiak and pulled in his first Alaskan salmon, there was no turning back.  He quickly realized his passion for Kodiak and knew he was home.  The Coast Guard moved Josh and his family back and forth from Kodiak to the east coast for 12 years where he was able to develop his passion for saltwater fishing, finally ending up on the island in 2016 for his last tour.  With over 10 years of experience fishing the beautiful waters around Kodiak, Captain Josh looks forward to providing you a safe, fun and unforgettable adventure.

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